The tail of Wild Bill and Doc Holiday

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Meet Wild Bill and his sidekick Doc Holiday, hunters of ducks and gatherers of anything not nailed down!  Wild Bill our yellow boy became part of my family 4 years ago as a gift from the Stockboy.   He is a gentle old soul even at his young age, his first buddy was Jake,  Steve's 14 year old Chocolate Lab.  He took care of him until just short of his 17th birthday.   That same fall on an Elk hunting trip to the Grasshopper Valley in Montana I was on a mission, I had chocolate, lab that is,  on the brain.  I knew we were in the right country for just what I was looking for, and bingo!  Lucky enough to see a flyer on the local feed store bulletin board a few days before we left for home, I was on the phone before the door even closed. That's how Doc Holiday came to be part of the family.   We loaded up and headed for home hoping Bill would be as happy with the new addition as we were. We could have never expected the friendship that would be, they have been inseparable since.  We started Bill retrieving when he was 11 weeks old, Doc was just 10 weeks, you can see their adventures on our FB page from time to time.  This season was Bill's 4th, he is a joy to watch, Doc at just over a year is getting things figured out. Good thing duck hunting requires an early start, there is little sleep the night before, and somehow to see how much they love it and how willing they are to work for us, it doesn't matter.  As you can tell, I am missing duck season.  It is one of my most favorite things, hot coffee in the thermos, sunrise across the pond, family and an eager dog and God willing a duck or two to boot.  That's good living. 

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