About us


Calamity's Story

In the late 60's a stubborn little girl was born in Midland, Michigan. Not exactly the dead center of the American West. She was born into a family of retail experts who had owned that store in a town where Captains of American Industry and their families shopped for their homes floral, home goods and gift needs. Cathryn grew up in that store that still exists today, except when she was riding her pony's or horses.

At the age of 20, the age that she and the rest of the world know everything, she loaded her Camaro with her belongings and her Great Dane and left for California. She was not even sure why,  finally arriving in Calistoga, California.

For the next 20 plus years, Cathryn lived life. Marriage, two daughters, numerous jobs that included running the books of family businesses, cattle ranching (much on horseback), commercial beekeeping of a thousand hives (not on horseback), custom goods retail, western lifestyle retail, construction laborer, (yes, you read that right) and even a bit of work as a western model. She got the last job because she was riding western and could wear a good cowboy hat better than most women can wear heels!

Well, like most who have journeyed across the American continent in the 220 or so years, across the plains, up over the Rockies across the high deserts and then up the Sierra's and down the other side, Cathryn's life changed and had ups n downs. One one of those particular days when Cathryn was fighting gravity of one of those downhill slides, over a good steak, “hootch” and a fine cigar, (yeah, you read that right, remember she rides western now), with a group of friends, Cathy let out her dream. She wanted to open a store of the highest quality of service like her families but with the goods of the American West. Something for everyone with a level of service and experience not frequently seen in today's world.   

Well, with where she was in that moment of life one smart a$$ friend suggested she name it Calamity Jane's being she felt her life was a calamity. It stuck. In fact, three or so years later she married that smart a$$ed friend and named him Senior Stock Boy and Creative Freaking Genius of this future massive company.

So friends, there ya have it, how Calamity and Calamity Jane's Trading Co. of the Napa Valley came to be. Calamity based the values of the business off the Code of the West as interpreted by James P. Owen, Author of “The Code of the West.” You will see that “code” below and in how we do business.

We now invite you to saddle up with Cathryn “Calamity” Becker and hit the trail for an amazing experience of beautiful art, semi, and full custom goods and wears. Ride with Calamity's Posse for the best rootin tooting pistola shootin shopping experience of the west!