Les Gauchos Hat by Double D Ranch

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HISTORY: Reminiscent of the traditional headwear worn by the nomadic and colorful horseman of the Argentine and Uruguayan Pampas, the traditional Gaucho hat was constructed of felt with a wide flat brim, shallow flat-topped crown and wind tie. The hat served as a main article of clothing for the Gauchos during the mid-18 and 19th centuries and protected them from harsh winds while herding cattle on the prairie.

Our Les Gauchos Bolero echoes these historical characteristics with it’s flat, telescoping crown and stampede string, but promotes a new distinction with the soft pencil roll and concho-studded leather hat band.

  • 4 1/4" Soft Pencil Roll Brim
  • 4 1/2" Bolero Telescope Crown

This hat can be custom ordered in different sizes.