Napa Valley Firehouse Mud Coffee

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If you visit the Napa Valley you do not go to one of those "chain" coffee joints you see on every corner.  You go to the Napa Valley's very own gourmet coffee house, Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company.  We are proud to carry Napa Firehouse Mud, the official coffee of the Napa City Firefighters.  This is not your average firehouse coffee, it is the "el primo" blend and it is what is in their pots 24/7.   Better than that, Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Co. kicks back 20% of all purchases of this blend to the Napa City Firefighters Community Fund.  When you purchase this coffee you are helping those in need, so thank you in advance!

1 bag 12 oz universal grind

Custom grinds and whole bean are available with a purchase of 6 or more, if interested please contact us at